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Fumi Hancock


The Adassa Brand and the Sassy JEWELL collections are the brain children of Fumi Hancock. Born in Southern region of West Africa, Fumi migrated to the United States of America almost thirty years ago.

The Back Story to her collections is derived from a Jewish teenager named "Hadassah", an orphan who later became Queen Esther.

Fumi's passion for designing clothes began when she was 12 years old. It is her believe that every woman deserves to experience a taste of couture at affordable pricing.


She states that women want clothes that take them through the day without having to change two or three times. Having been a professional nurse before, she understands a woman's need to slip into something comfortable, yet classy and alluring.

Her personal motto is this: Every Woman is a Princess. And her fashion line dares woman to be bold, elegant, youthful, alluring ,and edgy.


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