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About the Show

Hosted, written and produced by the Princess of Suburbia herself (a.k.a Princess in Suburbia) Princess Fumi S. Hancock, the hit Online Talk Show production “The Princess in Suburbia Lifestyle TV Show”  recently dubbed "Your Vision Torch" is a Brain Child of the Glam & Chic Princess~ From the Adumori Nigerian Royal Family in the South Western Region of West Africa.

It's Genesis:

Nov. 16, 2012; Fumi Hancock's Young Adult Fantasy Novel, The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell became Amazon's Teens-Horrors Bestseller. This prompted solicitations from many reviewers, bloggers and readers. As her royal background was unveiled to them, they wanted to know more! They asked Fumi for a vehicle where they could see her in action. Then came the vision to create an Online TV Show, The Princess in Suburbia ~ where her fans are invited to Snicker or Cry as this Goddess shares Her Life Story & Dishes Out Spicy Nuggets of Wisdom on Life, Love, Family, Business & Everything Inbetween!

Today, in the advent of her new role as an Executive Film Producer, Of Sentimental Value, she has added a new twist to the show by seeking to bridge the gap between Nollywood, Hollywood, Ghollywood & Hollywood! Get ready fans for the ride! The Princess in Suburbia TV Show is part of the International Diaspora Network (TM)

Host: Princess Fumi S. Hancock, BSN, MA, Ph.D.
Executive Producer & Producer: Princess Fumi S. Hancock, BSN, MA, Ph.D.

Co-producer: Bola Thompson
Co-producer: Ese Morrison
Director: Princess Fumi Hancock, MA. Ph.D.
Original Score (Theme Song): Mola Thompson

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